Thursday, July 29, 2010

NYC Trees VS NYC Dogs: Piss And Crap War Continue

Someone on 6th Avenue near 14th Street has a very diplomatic, and lovingly crocheted message for dog owners in the area. Though a polite tact, its likely that much stronger salvos will have to be thrownin this notorious battle between civilized people and those with dogs who piss and sh*t all over public property.

Dog owners in New York City, as everyone is aware, continue to take little Bardsley out to defecate all over flowers, tree beds or someone's bicycle. Not so surprising, the only people who think this behavior is acceptable are dog owners, college students and rich people. Cat owners, bird owners, fish owners and people with children do not let them defecate outside all over the street.

It seems inevitable however, that dogs peeing and pooping all over public property will become the next frontier in publicly unacceptable behavior, like smoking or stealing ATMs.

NYC The Blog - July 15, 2010

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