Friday, July 16, 2010

Riverside Park Attack: Homeless Man Charged in Attempted Rape, Sexual Abuse

CREEPED OUT:Raili Munson (above yesterday) says she was sexually assaulted in Riverside Park, which has been plagued by yet another stalker (sketch above) attacking women.


A sex-crazed homeless man allegedly tried to rape three sunbathing beauties in Riverside Park -- just a week after two women were attacked there by a vicious thug, The Post has learned.

"Since moving to New York, this is the scariest thing that's happened to me," aspiring actress Raili Munson, 26, said yesterday about her horrific run-in with her creepy alleged attacked, John Jeter.

Jeter's alleged attacks on the sun worshippers comes on the heels of two heinous assaults in the same park further uptown -- a Barnard College student left bloodied and unconscious for her iPod and a dog walker beaten to the ground from behind.

The fiend in the earlier assaults remains at large.

In the latest trouble at the park, Jeter allegedly targeted the tanners Monday in three separate attacks near Riverside Boulevard and West 62nd Street.

Munson, 26, ran from Jeter, who had exposed himself, and flagged down city marshal Jeffrey Rose and two tow-truck drivers conducting scofflaw seizures nearby.

"They observed a man coming out of the park with his pants around his ankles, fully exposed, no underwear," said Ken Kelly, executive director of the NYC Marshals Association. "The marshal and the other two men prevented him from getting at her."

Rose and the drivers detained the mangy man until cops arrived.

Jeter, 49, was arraigned on charges of attempted rape, sexual abuse and public lewdness and is being held on $15,000 bail.

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