Friday, July 30, 2010

East 72nd St Greenway Collapse

East River Greenway - near 72nd Street.


Reader Seth took this photograph on the East River Greenway bike/pedestrian path near 72nd Street and says, "This path has been falling apart for years and the City has simply fenced off damaged areas instead of repairing them, according to gothamist. "This is one of many dangerous sections of the East Side Greenway that desperately needs to be repaired. Please call 311."

That's mild compared to the quarter-block stretch that completely collapsed more than fifteen years ago at 124th Street in Harlem, just south of the Tri-borough Bridge (nka RFK). A situation the City simply refuses to address.   Sources say when that collapsed it swallowed a  truck which was working on a light pole. 

But for sheer drama the situation at Queensbridge Park - surrounded by the country's largest public housing complex - takes the municipal waterfront discriminatory neglect cake.

More on these issues coming soon.  In the mean time, here are some images.

- Geoffrey Croft

gothamist - July 29, 2010 - By Jen Chung


  1. be careful what you wish for, if they do try to fix it properly that stretch will be closed for years!

  2. Amazingly, our politicians (Council woman Jessica Lappin, State Assemblyman Micah Kellner, State Rep Carolyn Maloney and State Senator Liz Krueger) keep finding lots of money to fund park projects like the East 63rd Street dog run for $1.3 million dollars and the planned renovation of the practically brand new Pavilion Park, yet they cannot come up with the money to fix the East River Greenway. Where are there priorities. Why does Community Board 8 approve every single silly thing the Parks Department proposes and then cry because there is no money for desperately needed repairs?