Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tree-Tragedies Update

• Comptroller Audit: Parks Department slow to remove dangerous trees.  

• The mother of the 6-month old daughter killed on June 26 by a fallen tree limb in Central Park has been in a medically induced coma since June 26, She doesn't know her baby is dead.

• The Queens mother Injured by a fallen tree branch attending a Memorial Day picnic near the Central Park Boathouse underwent brain surgery and had a metal plate inserted into her head. The family filed A Notice of Claim with the City.

• Two additional Tree Limb Incidents in last two weeks: Van Cortlandt Park and Madison Square Park.


City - Wide

The city is slow to remove deadly trees even when alerted to them by public complaints, a comptroller's audit found, according to the New York Post.

The Parks Department let 50 dead or pest-infested trees linger for more than five months in 2006, and after initial inspections, didn't remove other trees that later fell onto cars, the 2007 audit said.

Two people, including a baby girl, were killed this year and three others left with serious brain injuries after being hit by falling tree limbs in Central Park.

Karla Del Gallo, 33, has been in a medically induced coma since June 26, when a huge limb crashed onto her head while she held her 6-month-old daughter. She doesn't know her baby is dead, family lawyer Dino Mastroprieto told The Post.

There have been two other incidents of falling tree limbs in city parks this month, said Geoffrey Croft, president of the watchdog group NYC Park Advocates, including a pair of teenage girls who were struck by a branch in Van Cortlandt Park and a man who was hit by a limb in Madison Square Park. The man wasn't seriously hurt.

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