Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Queens Electeds Trying to Sell "Decrepit" Parkland To Cemetery

No word on why elected officials allowed the park to remain in this condition. 


A PROPOSAL to sell a hard-to-access 4 acre parcel of parkland in East Elmhurst to a cemetery has stalled - despite strong community support, according to the Daily News.

Elected officials said the proceeds from the sale of the triangular plot - bounded by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and 30th Ave. - would go toward purchasing park land in another location. And the sale would allow the nearby St. Michael's Cemetery to expand.

But the city Parks Department won't sign off on the plan until a comparable plot of land is lined up, officials said.

"The reason why we're opposing the transfer of the land is because we don't have replacement parkland," said agency spokeswoman Trish Bertuccio. "Green space in New York City is scarce, and we want to make sure that we preserve as much of it as possible."

The parcel is open space along the highway, without any playgrounds or play equipment.

But Assemblyman Michael Gianaris isn't so sure that the land is worth saving.

"It's decrepit. It's unkempt. There's rats and vermin in there," the Astoria Democrat said. "We have the opportunity to actually create acreage of good parkland in a different location and put this land to productive use."

He was approached by cemetery officials with the idea last year, he said. In February 2009, he introduced a bill in the Assembly to authorize the sale - since city parkland can't be bought or sold without legislative approval.

St. Michael's "will keep that land in much better condition than it is now," (Peter) Vallone said. "It's going to make the piece of property much more beautiful to the public."

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New York Daily News - July 6th 2010 - By Clare Trapasso

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  1. Because Peter Vallone's daddy was lobbying for the City to sell the property to St. Michael's.

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