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13-Year-Old Girl Attacked In McCarren Pool Incident - Two Arrested

"Why would you want to hurt us. We didn't do anything wrong. We don't bother anybody."

A 13-year old (center) pleads with her attackers moments before she was punched in the face from behind. Five girls followed her and two friends from inside the pool and terrorized them afterwards. The assilants then posted the heartbreaking and sickening incident on You Tube. A screen capture from the first video posted on You Tube, entitled, Alicia jus smacked her. (WE ARE BLURRING ALL THE FACES as everyone is underage.)

The 13-year old victim required surgery to repair her nose. 

Park officials have repeatedly attempted to down play the violence and crime at the pool and have characterized the numerous incidents including the hitting and injuring of police officers, pushing lifeguards and multiple arrests as "minor incidents."

Yesterday Parks Commissioner Adrain Benepe called Tuesday's wild melee on the pool deck in which police called in an "85" requiring the assistance of additional officers, and three people were arrested - including one that was maced - "standard." He also told a reporter that now every time someone "sneezes" at McCarren Pool the media is covering it.

In the chilling cell phone video recorded by one of the assailants, you can see the attacker run after the 13-year-old and punch her in the face from behind, then laugh. (Image: via gothamist)

A -13-year-old victim sits on a park bench while her attackers laugh and congratulate each other. The second video posted twice were alternatively entitled, Fighting aht tha park, and Smacked tha shit out of them n they ain't do shit, shows the horrifying experiences of three young polish girls after the initial assault.

The police have arrested a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old in connection with this incident and are looking for three more.


By Geoffrey Croft

Three girls were terrorized by a group of teens after swimming at the McCarren Park Pool, A Walk In the Park has learned. One 13-year-old was punched in the face from behind.

The sickening assault and verbal torment were captured by the alleged assailants on videos posted on You Tube. So far police have made two arrests, a 13- and a 16-year-old, and are pursuing three others.

The attack happened last Tuesday, July 10, when three Polish girls, ranging in age from 13 to 16, had just exited the pool. According to several law enforcement sources, the incident began inside the pool when words were exchanged. The assailants — aged 13 to 17 — followed the girls outside and confronted them on the sidewalk.

The first video — entitled, Alicia jus smacked her — shows the horrifying experience. The girls are confronted by a pack of five bullies at the Abate Playground on Lorimer Street in McCarren Park yards away from the pool. It begins with the group standing in a line in a standoff. The video is 49 seconds long.

"Why do you want to fight us," one of the terrified girls asks.

"You need to watch what you say," one of trhe bullies responds.

A 13-year-old girl turns to walk away. She gets about 10 feet away, when the videographer says, "Go get her."

Another girl runs up quickly from behind and curling her arm around from the rear and sucker-punches her in the face, landing a solid blow to her nose. The assailant, whom police say is also 13, runs back to the group laughing. The video ends.

The disturbing encounter continues in the second video, which runs for 4:16 seconds. It was posted twice on You Tube — once under the title Fighting aht tha park and again as Smacked tha shit out of them n they ain't do shit. In the video, the victim and one of her friends are sitting quietly on a park bench surrounded by the group. A third friend is standing.

The young victim holds a pool towel to her bloodied face while her tormenters make fun of her. At one point she pulls away the towel to check the extent of her injury.

"Whoa," one of the attackers yells in delight, "you f**ked her up good. You're the baddest bully, you're baddest bully. You got her good."

The bullies laugh, congratulate the attacker, and give each other high-fives. The victim starts to sob into her towel.

Someone in the group of bullies mentions that a cop is near by and to be cool. The captors are too scared to call for help.

Victory Dance - Fun, Fun, Fun. Screen capture from the third video entilted Alicia fight this white girls posted on You Tube. The caption on the bottom reads, Fight Right Afta Coming From Tha Pool. In the video two girls dance happily while receiving encouragement and laughing hysterically. (We have blurred out the face.)

Twice the assailants pull back the towel from the terrified victim to see their bloody handiwork. The videographer laughs as her friend says how badly the girls nose looks. One of the victim's friends sits silent and stonefaced. All the blood seems drained from her face in terror. At one point, one of the bullies makes a happy face for the camera.

One of the bullies notices a small tattoo on the girl's back and says, "Your mama let you get that? How old are you?"

The victim replies, "13, my Mom didn't know." She then shares some very personal, sad details about her home life, revealing that her father is dead. The videographer says, "Ah, leave her alone." The other bullies mock her, and the videographer begins to laugh.

The bullies taunt the girls and boast.

During the horrifying video the victim goes on to share some very personal, sad details about her home life and parents including that her father is dead. For a second it gets some sympathy from just the cameraperson. The videographer says, "Ah, leave her alone" and she repeats what the victim has just said about her home life. The bullies make fun of it. Any sympathy from the videographer is short lived and she begins to laugh again about the attack and what a great job Alicia did of busting her nose.

The video continues for a couple of minutes with the bullies taunting and threaten that the girls better be careful.

"I wanna fight,"  says the sixteen-year-old jumping up excitingly.

The heavy set 13-year-old - wearing a pink bathing suit top and green shorts seen dancing in the third video quickly moves into position.

"I wanna fight you." she says.

"I don't want to fight you, I want to go home," responds the girl wearing blue track pants with while stripes.

The person filming calls out,  "Deja" six times to try to get her friend not to block the camera's view.  She moves to the right giving a clear view. 

"Thank you," the camera girl says.

With that the heavy set girl leans in and smacks the girl hard in the face. 

This elicits a chorus of "oooohs."

Two seconds later a flurry of punches. While the blond girl was watching her friend reel in pain, she herself gets punched hard her in the face by the 16-year-old. 

A second later the girl wearing blue track pants gets punched again in the face this time by another girl standing over her.

"Now let's go," one girl says to uproarious laughter and dancing.

"The girls were terrified, they were completely submissive," said a long-time Greenpoint resident who saw the videos posted on You Tube. "They just sat there."

"One of the girls is trying to calm them down, trying to diffuse the situation. She was saying, 'Why would you want to hurt us? We didn't do anything wrong. We don't bother anybody.'

"The horror of knowing people are doing these things and then filming them, it's terrifying," the resident continued. "I felt it in the pit of my stomach when she punched her, she really connected. And to do it from behind. The shame and agony of being further humiliated by being kept there. They were being held captive, trying to be good little prisoners. She was even sobbing quietly. It was almost like this was normal."

In a third video lasting 57 seconds — tilted, Alicia fight this white girls — a 16-year-old suspect dances energetically, as her friends encourage her. The caption reads, Fight Right Afta Coming From Tha Pool.

"Do your dance," says the videographer."Can you shake your butt like me? Do it for the camera one time, one time."

She is joined by another bully. "You gotta sing the song while you're it."

"Nobody shakes their butt like me," she says.

Officers from the 94th Precinct arrested two of the girls the next day, on July 11, after they were identified by the victims walking through the Giglio Mt. Carmel Feast a few blocks away. They were charged with Assault-3.

After residents complained, You Tube pulled the two most graphic videos of the fight and torment afterwards.

"This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten," the message reads.

"It was horrible, awful," said another Greenpoint viewer, a resident of fifty years who saw the videos before they were pulled.

"She was bleeding, and they were bragging that they hit that girl. Another one was talking like she did a big thing — she was so proud that she hit another girl and made her bleed. She was so happy. 'Look, I punched another girl in the face and she was bleeding.'

I'm glad they (You Yube) took that off.

"I used to go to that pool when I was a kid. It was 50 cents. I used to go swimming there. Everything that's happening now is a damn shame. We want it to be kept under control. With all the police protection going on, I don't think anyone is going to be stupid enough to do something inside but you never know."

"Are these your children?" a person wrote on Face Book. "Is this what we wish for our future? We MUST stop the violence. We should not have to live in fear for ourselves or our children. This is heartbreaking, graphic stuff, so be forewarned.

Another wrote:

…."this specific group of girls may not have been anywhere near our park had they not come to use the pool. Every member of that group is carrying a towel."

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