Friday, July 13, 2012

Man Shot In Eye In Evergreen Playground Basketball Court

The 24-year-old victim being loaded into an ambulance last night on Schaefer St. in front of Evergreen Playground. The basketball court where he was shot is in the background. An hour later in the Bronx, a 22-year-old man was shot multiple times and killed after fight on a playground basketball court. (Photos: NYC Park Advocates)

Neither the Brooklyn or the Bronx have a single dedicated Park Enforcement Patrol officer available for patrol in the evening for more than 11, 000 acres of parkland combined.


By Geoffrey Croft

On argument over a foul call in the Evergreen Playground basketball court in Bushwick Brooklyn, turned into a nightmare when a 24-year-old was shot in the eye, A Walk In The Park has learned.

The assailant's fit of rage was apparently set off when the victim referred to his height, according to a source.

The victim, surrounded by ball players, EMS and police, lies in a stretcher on the basketball court where he was shot.

The men started arguing over a foul call during the game then the victim apparently referred to him as "shorty." The assailant left and returned a short time later with a gun.

He was shot on he left side of his face, according to the police. The shooting sent park goers scattering in the crowded playground. The horrific incident occurred last night at 7:50 p.m.

The victim, a 24-year-old black male, was taken by EMS to Kings County Hospital in critical condition where he expected to survive.

Violence in parks has exploded over the last few weeks.

This morning park workers spent an hour disinfecting the area, scrubbing and washing away the massive amount of blood and what was described as brain matter from the court.

According to a witness the victim's mother came running over last night in bare feet feet crying.

According to a source the police know who the suspect is.

One person said the suspect was seen firing a gun in the air last week in the playground.

A neighbor who lives a few feet away for the court said he heard shots ringing out.

"It's really scary because it's mostly children out here, " he said, and like all the people interviewed did not want their names used for fear of retribution.

"I bet they know who the shooter is the court was crowded. Everybody know's each other."
Besides the basketball court, the park has sprinklers, play equipment and a handball court.

A group of caretakers were in the playground this morning a few feet away from where the incident occurred.

"What would have happened if a child was hit, " asked a woman watching 5-year-old children from a nearby daycare center. "All because someone was called a name, or playing a game. What's that. Its stupid."

Another day care worker said it wasn't the first time someone had been shot in the playground but said it hadn't happened in a few years.

"In other parks yeah, but not here recently." she said.

"Its senseless."

This morning park workers spent an hour disinfecting and washing the court.

The investigation is still ongoing according to the police.

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