Thursday, July 26, 2012

Five Shot At Rucker Park Basketball Tournament

This picture is of one of three unidentified males were shot in Holcombe Rucker Playground this evening. None were likely to die. This victim was being taken into St Lukes Hospitol on West 113th Street.
One of five shooting victims at Holcombe Rucker Park. The victims are all in their 20's and one teen and are expected to survive according to the police. The incident began at approximately 10:30pm when an argument broke out in the stands. “The next thing you know one guy reaches into his pants pocket and pulled out a gun," said a witness at the scene. "He fired one shot into the crowd and then another." Video of the beginning of the incident which spills out on to the court and the sound of two shots being fired. (Photos: Sam Costanza/For New York Daily News)


Five people were shot on a Harlem basketball court Wednesday night during an annual basketball tournament, officials and witnesses said, according to the NY Daily News.

Gunfire erupted around 10 p.m. at the Holcombe Rucker Park court on Frederick Douglass Boulevard near W. 155th St. after a dispute during a game for the Entertainers Basketball Classic, witnesses said.

"They started arguing, about a bad call or something like that," said Rodney Harris, 47. "The guy was standing no more than five feet away from me. He pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot once. He then shot one more time. Everyone started running."

“He was real close to me,” Harris said. “I thought I got shot."

Nate Robinson, a former point guard for the Knicks, was at the game but escaped unscathed, witnesses said.

Police investigators at the scene at Rucker Park, West 155th Street and Eighth Avenue (Sam Costanza/For New York Daily News

"He was watching the game,” Harris said. “After the shooting, he was okay. He wasn't hurt...he left like everyone else."

The five shooting victims were taken to area hospitals and all expected to survive, police said. One other person also was injured in the incident.

The shooter started running amongst the crowd but then walked calmly across the street toward the Fine Fare supermarket and fired a few more rounds, Harris said.

"Then he just walked away. He didn't even run. My friend, a basketball player, got shot in the ankle,” he said. “It could have been worse."

Abdul Sam, 25, who works at a nearby deli, also heard the gunshots and commotion.

"I heard about four shots. Everyone started running," Sam said. "This summer is crazy."

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  1. This is not a good thing to many shooting are taking place around our kids stop we have to put the guns down and pick up your kids I am so hurt this is one of the only park in harlem that keep bringing use ebc basketball lets try to keep that along with other peoples lives stop killing our people we are all loved by someone do you care if not for do it for the kids