Friday, July 20, 2012

Mayor Finally Speaks Out On This Round Of McCarren Pool Violence

By Geoffrey Croft

This morning on his Friday radio show WOR’s John Gambling called the numerous incidents "just outrageous," and said, "I haven't heard anybody really you know kind of get up in arms about it."

"Well some of the press today was 'where are the people, the local leaders, and elected officials,' said the Mayor.

"The behavior is just…" Gambling said before being interrupted by the Mayor.

“Well No. 1, you’ve got to remember that teenagers misbehave and there are some events at all pools so let’s not just rush," said Bloomberg.

"McCarren Pool is a big new pool. The city spent $ 50 million dollars. We had a big meeting I think it was yesterday, or the day before yesterday - I think it was yesterday when ever it was - with police and [the] Parks Department to make sure that we’re doing everything we can.

Part of it (the problem) is once it becomes fashionable and kids rushing to it - we will not tolerate this. We’re just not going to tolerate it. Do we want to close the pool? Of course not. Kids need a place to go. Don't forget most kids don’t misbehave. Most kids follow the rules. Most parents don’t let their kids defecate in the pool. But it’s a big world out there. We’re going to keep working on it."

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  1. Beating up lifeguards, starting riots, punching cops, stabbing people, stealing from lockers and committing hate crimes is not kids being kids. This is a threat to the neighborhood. Kids being kids is throwing a water balloon off a balcony, not surrounding a little girl because of her skin color, beating her mercilessly and then posting victory celebrations on the internet. Bloomberg needs to shut this behavior down, or shut the pool down.

  2. Bllomberg is delusional. Had anybody been listening all along to "the people" they would have ensured that PlaNYC had taken far better safeguards to begin with. The staff would have been trained very specifically for this unique project. Yes, it is one of many city pools, and all city pools have incidents. McCarren Pool should have been provided trained staffing specific to this pool that is of this scale. PEP should have had a presence before it opened, along with NYPD. Many opportunities for education and training were ignored. The visitor information was non existent, until you got in the pool area before. Dorney Park could have done it right. Bloomberg has certainly never waited on a line at an amusement park before. Perhaps, he should.

  3. I was excited when I heard that the McCarren Pool was going to be open this summer and now I think "our system" (&red tape) is so screwed that they are going to try to figure out things till something really bad happens.

    This is coming from a guy who lived a block away from the pool on Bayard St when I heard "MIA" performing on Sunday in the summer of 2008(from my backyard).. enough of my hipster validation...

    Here is a suggestion: Have these teenagers provide a State ID (can be a non-driver ID). This way you can monitor whoever acts out and deter the trouble makers who are too lazy(or ashamed) to go to DMV. Looks like NYC is promoting some type of youth initiative on the trains but this is a good place that can be applied...

    I can hear the excuses for city officials not wanting to do this - "THE CITY IS BROKE". The reason why this city is so broke is because the money is mismanaged and there are way too many overzealous laws out there focusing energy in the wrong places. I know a black kid being arrested for walking between train cars that are in motion. This teen is the total opposite of what you would consider a hoodlum..

    Going back to McCarren Pool, I would love the city to charge at the door but that goes against the philosophy of Robert Moses (and his initiative of having free public pools). :)