Saturday, July 7, 2012

Illegal Vender Attacks Female Park Security At Heritage Field


By Geoffrey Croft

Two Parks Department female security officers assigned to the brand new Heritage Field Park across from Yankee Stadium were assaulted by an Illegal vendor, A Walk In The Park has learned.

The City Seasonal Aid (CSA) park security employees observed a known Illegal vender, Delbert Delvalle, 20, selling water in the park without a permit arround 4:30 pm according to city sources. They informed him he could not sell water in the park and told him to leave but he refused. An altercation ensued. He became violent and began punching and scratching the officers. He threw one of the officers to the ground and began kicking her.

The other officer called in a 1013 - "officer needs assistance" over the radio.

"He's kicking her, He's kicking her," a female voice crackled over the radio according to park personnel.

The assailant grabbed her radio and began running away. While the officers were in pursuit he threw the radio at them and ran towards the Major Deegan Expressway where he disappeared.

Delvalle's mother arrived a short time later in the park and attempted to pick up her son's unsold water but was denied.

The park employees were taken to Lincoln Hospital where a 30 year-old officer was treated for a contusion to the right knee and a 40-year-old officer was treated for a bruised lower back. They both sustained multiple scratches. They were both released.

The officers will receive at least three days off.

While in the 44 Pct. filing out paperwork the alleged assailant and his father came in. Delvalle was promptly arrested. At the Pct. he stated that he was pi-polar and he felt sick. He was brought to Lincoln Hospital.

He was charged with Assault and Disorderly Conduct according to the Police.

There is not a single dedicated PEP officer available to patrol the Bronx's more than 7000 acres of parkland.

There have been a number of violent incidents over the 24 hours in city parks including two shootings A Walk In the Park has learned.

Last week a CSA was assaulted in Midland Beach.

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  1. The park should have full time peace officers , not security, they are powerless, and will continue to be assualted, very sad.