Monday, July 2, 2012

Cop Sent To Hospital In McCarren Pool Melee - 3 Arrested



Police take two of the three arrested into custody in front of McCarren Park Pool this evening. Rodolfo Torres, 20, was charged with assault on a police officer for punching a responding cop in the face, police said. Jose Carmarso, 18, and Carlos Carmarso, 17, were charged with disorderly conduct, police said.

Although the city increased security over the weekend after Friday's incident the pool has just two NYPD officers per shift, and two PEP and 10 CSA's for a capacity of 1500 swimmers. (Photo: Courtesy Evan Rose via gothamist)

Moments after the wild scene police arrive to investigate. (Photos: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates)

NYPD speaking with a PEP Sgt. and a City Seasonal Aid at the scene.


By Geoffrey Croft

A New York City Police officer was punched in the face and sent to the hospital, and a second officer hurt while trying to subdue out-of control pool patrons this evening at McCarren Park Pool. Three people were arrested in the melee.

In a scene reminiscent of Friday night, the trouble began after a group of teens were fooling around in the pool and doing back-flips and diving. They were told by lifeguards to stop and they refused. Police were trying to assist a park security personnel enforce the rules when one began to mouth off and then became violent.

While trying to arrest one, a 20-year-old punched an officer from the 94 Pct. in the face. Another officer twisted his arm while trying to subdue an assailant. Both officers went to Bellevue Hospital and are in stable condition.

The youths were cursing and threatening the officers.

"He punched him squarely in the face," an officer said at the scene, "He really let loose. He's gonna be sore."

Police were assisted by Park Enforcement Patrol who gave chase around the pool and helped subdue some of the assailants and excorted them out. Ten others were removed.

Two arrested are from Nostrand Avenue and a third is from Central Ave. According to law enforcement sources some may be members of the Ms-13 gang.

"Three youths were arrested after ignoring orders from lifeguards and security to stop running and diving into water less than five feet deep," Michael Dockett, assistant commissioner of Urban Park Service said in a statement. "Several others were escorted out by police officers."

Rodolfo Torres, 20, was charged with assault on a police officer for punching a responding cop in the face, police said. Jose Carmarso, 18, and Carlos Carmarso, 17, were charged with disorderly conduct, police said.

A police source said those arrested would probably not be arraigned until the morning.

They were still mouthing off in the 94 Pct. this evening, hours after the arrest according to a police source.

Terrified pool-goers came running out.

"These kids were trying to beat up the cops," said a frightened mother of a 2-year-old exiting the facility.

"It was scary."

The incident occurred at 5:20 this evening.

This evening police were reviewing the camera footage.

At least five lockers were also broken into today as well.

"Now people are saying they are afraid to come to the rec center," said a park employee.

"This is exactly what people said was going to happen if this place opened up.
You would have thought they would have taken precautions to make sure these things didn't happen after all this time."

A radio car in front of McCarren Park Pool after the fight.

Those arrested were taken to the 94 Pct.

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  1. Parks does not care about the safety of it's personell. When they talk about building and. opening new things all they think about is how much revenue they will have not how secure things will be. Take the Jobs of all those with made up titles and those sitting in an office all day with no clue as to how to run a Law Enforcement Agency and hire more Parks Police Officers and pay them for the job they do not for the job of a security officer. Someone needs to wake up before a tragedy occurs!!! Be safe Brothers n Sisters

  2. Notice how the first Anon commenter just takes it as a given that a public pool needs an almost armed encampment to maintain order. This is what we have become. The fact that armed heavy law enforcement is needed in the first place is just the new normal and is unquestioned. When this pool opened up initially in the 1930s it was the height of the great depression. The hundreds of people attending the pool then were way more poor than any of the attendees today.Yet there was virtually no violence or theft and there was probably no need for a single police officer. Lets see, what has changed since the 1930s, 40s and 50s? Hmmm?