Sunday, July 8, 2012

Teen Stabbed To Death In Prospect Park's Parade Grounds


Police investigate the Parade Grounds near Prospect Park, where 19-year-old Jeffrey Jeune was stabbed to death July 8, 2012. (Photo: Aidan Gardiner/DNAinfo)


By Geoffrey Croft

This morning at approximately 11:50am police responded to a report of a male stabbing.

Police discovered 19 year-old Jeffrey Jeune was stabbed in the torso three times at a Prospect Park Parade Grounds. EMS transported the victim to Kings County Hospital where he was pronounced dead approximately 5 hours later.

Jeune was not cooperative with police in identifying the assailant before this death.

The NYPD closed off Field # 4 as part of the investigation as they believe the man wanted in the crime ran through the area.

According to the police no arrests have made at this time. This investigation is ongoing.

Jeune has been arrested at least 11 times.

It was a particularly violent weekend in parks with at least two shootings.

DNAinfo - July 9, 2012 - By Jess Wisloski


  1. Who the hell cares how many time the VICTIM has been arrested?! Why would anyone put that in the article? That's assinign!!!

  2. They're hoping that maybe one young person will make the connection between living a certain lifestyle and having a high risk of early death.

    The same thing is being done with educating kids about junk food and tobacco.